build a home | Recha-Maria

Verse 1:
A hot summer day back in July
We were getting ready to meet her
My friend and I
I remember how we would get excited
To listen to her voice and her speech
Finally I had the chance to talk to her
This is what she said to me

You have to build a home
Where you can live your music
A home where you can feel at ease
A home to unfold your dreams

Verse 2:
How I was happy
To talk to her face to face
Her words so humble warm and loving
Just like an embrace
With an open heart she listened to my story
Encouraged me to keep going my way
Looking at the picture my friend took of us
I still can hear her say

In spite of all the excitement
There was just peace in my heart
A big ”Thank you to my soulmate
You helped me discover
You helped me discover
Yes, you made me discover my art