i gotta sing | Recha-Maria

Verse 1:
Whenever I’m happy or sad
Whenever I’m drunk and get mad
Whenever I’m high or low
I gotta sing
Whenever I’m crazy or hyper
So that I can’t find sleep at night
The day may be cloudy or bright
I gotta sing

Pre Chorus:
I don’t know what it is but there is something in my soul
That makes me wanna sing and it is out of my control

What else can I do but sing
It’s the only thing
That’s giving me these wings
I just gotta sing

Verse 2:
Whenever I’m cool or I’m stressed
My room is tidy or a mess
I may be too early or too late
Still gotta sing
Whenever I’m weak or I’m strong
Whenever I’m right or I’m wrong
My voice may be shaky – who cares
Still gotta sing

Sing, sing, sing, sing!
Sing out my soul!