how beautiful you are I recha-maria

Verse 1:
The first time I saw you your beauty caught my eye
And what I felt ’bout you is hard to describe
It wasn’t but after you’ve opened up your heart to me
Amazing what beauty I’d see

Baby, do you know how beautiful you are
Baby, do you know that to me you are a star
Baby, do you know how precious you are
Yes you are

Verse 2:
There’s been a time in your life when each day was hard to face
You gave up for a while you thought it all was just a waste
But thank God you did hold on
And you started to put the pieces back in place

You’re gonna put your life together
This I know
You’re gonna put yourself together
Yes it shows
There is no doubt you’ll go your way
You will stand tall and you will not stray
Just follow the beauty of your heart