let her fly | recha-maria

Verse 1:
Still small but little no more
Not tall but ready to soar
She’s grown out of her baby clothes
Wears a gown and a fancy coat

Pre Chorus:
She’s up to see what life will bring, what life will taste
She’ll take all in time won’t waste

It’s time to let her fly like a bird
It’s time to push her out of the cosy nest and let her fly
‘cause her wings have grown
Now she’s able to fly on her own
Fly like a bird
It’s time to jump off the cosy nest and fly, fly, fly

Verse 2:
I hear her sing her own melody
See her swinging in her fantasy
She is bravely taking step by step
Never knowing what she will get

Jump off the cosy nest and fly
Spread out you wings and fly real high
Let’s hear your melody out loud
Shout out your song of life! Shout it out!