my hair | recha-maria

Verse 1:
What woman doesn’t know what I am talking about
Hair stuff, what a fluff
Fluffy here fluffy there fluffy everywhere
My hair is just a mess and it even doesn’t care

Pre Chorus:
I get angry and mad start to scream and shout
I am sure that you know what I’m talking about
Bad hair days are on the schedule
Can’t do anything against its cruel rule

There’s something with my hair today
Yeah, there’s something with my hair today, oh
Something with my hair today
I don’t know what it is but there’s something
Something with my hair

Verse 2:
Today this strand of hair is really, really rude
Oh God I’m in a bad mood
I put it up let it down
Either way I wear a frown
Make it curly make it straight
It really never does look right