simple | Recha-Maria

Verse 1:
The pure sound of a bird singing in a tree
A golden ray of sunlight surprising me
My own breath dancing on crispy air
Or fresh morning dew glittering in sunlight air

I love what is simple
I love what is clear
Things that are right
Things that are bright, honest and light
I love what is lovely and all that is true
These things that bring the silence and the peace

Verse 2:
Innocent blue eyes of a little girl smiling at me
Or the words „I love you“ spoken tenderly
A dear friend’s hug coming deep from the heart
Or the sweet longing for my love when we’re apart

I don’t care for riches or things that money can buy
Like fancy cars, fancy clothes or stuff like that, no
I don’t care for all these things ‚cause there’s so much more for me to find
But what I do care for are things you only see with your heart’s eyes