so good | Recha-Maria

Verse 1:
She was waiting for too many years
For someone who would dry her tears
Loneliness was her loyal friend
Will this waiting ever end?

Verse 2:
After decades of holding out
And years of having reason for all this doubt
Suddenly he crossed her way and took her hand
Yeah, this waiting will have an end
Because …

It is so good
Oh yes, it feels so real
It is so good
It feels so real

Verse 3:
Let’s fly to the stars
Let’s discover all the beauty of love
Share all the passion that was slumbering throughout all these years
Let’s cry happy tears
Because …

Now they are flying to the stars
And look how happy they now are
They’re gonna love each other, care for each other
Oooh yeah!
He’s a black man, she’s a white girl
T-t-together they will show the world
What true love is
What true love really means

Verse 4:
She was waiting for so many years
For someone who would dry her tears
Now she says that it was worth it all
Cause it’s so good