thanks for being my now | recha-maria

Verse 1:
Sleepless nights, endless thoughts
Worries for the future and regrets of the past
Steal away all the joy of being right now
Disappointed that I was not the one who I once was
And still not the one who I wanted to be

Pre Chorus:
Then the phone rang and you said Hello
You reminded me to listen to the bird’s song
And to watch the falling snow, yeah, to watch the falling snow
You said to sing because you love it, sing because you love it
And live the moment because it is here

Right now I’m talking to you
And this is all I need
Oh, right here, right now
Thanks for being my now

Verse 2:
I was searching for love
On all the wrong places, trying to satisfy
The longing in my heart with sources outside of itself
Not knowing that it could only be filled from within
I was asking myself all the wrong questions

Yesterday’s gone away
Tomorrow will yet unfold
All that we have is this moment
This now. Right here. Right now.
You by my side, a listening ear, an understanding heart
And this moment is beautiful
This moment is you